Opening: April 2021

International Human Fraternity Virtual Summit is pleased to announce the 2021 International Humanitarian Project Competition with a theme Building a Stronger Global Human Fraternity for World Peace and Developing a Tolerant and Coexistent Society.

Communities are facing problems related to health, energy, water, sanitation, food, transport and agriculture throughout the world.

This Humanitarian Project competition is introduced to encourage international volunteers and organizations to find and implement feasible solutions for problems in a form of project for the underprivilege community.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Has the organization made an outstanding contribution to humanitarian or international development work including in challenging circumstances?
  2. Has the organization made a lasting impact on the life of others?
  3. Has the organization demonstrated an innovative approach?
  4. Does the organization story inspire others to act?

For further inquiries, please e-mail to:

*This feature will happen during the International Humanitarian Summit in August 2021.

Ms. Karen Pison

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