Today we live in a world of changes so profound and rapid that no country can stand globally alone, like the pandemic we are forced to encounter at present. This is what initiated the launch of The International Humanitarian Summit which targets to safe keep the prosperity and welfare of all mankind. Humanitarian values and principles are vital components for mankind to prevail in this world. As a global community we face an array of global tests. These tests boil down to the fundamental challenge of making enlightened decisions today and tomorrow, that will place people and the planet on course for a better future.

The Summit marks an important milestone towards establishing global cooperation and unity. This International Platform will provide highly interactive features which head to advocate and stand for humanitarian values like neutrality, impartiality, and independence which we can see that we lack nowadays in many places around the world. Through the International Humanitarian Summit set of features and activities which will include thought leadership sessions, Exhibition for Humanitarian & Private organizations, Humanitarian Digital Library, Art & Photography Gallery, and Humanitarian Stories.
The Summit will shed the light on current issues that needs to be addressed and solved with special focus about ongoing issues around the world including COVID 19 and its shortcomings upon the communities, as well as the persisting issues of Racism, Gender Equality, Poverty, Persecution, Hunger and other issues that need to be raised. As everyone is and should share the responsibility of making this world a better place, this Summit targets to engage many parties in acting, portraying and highlighting how important Humanity is. The Summit gathers under its umbrella parties like, intellectuals, philosophers, governmental institutions, private sector organizations, human rights and philanthropic institutions, religious institutions, artists, media professional, cultural associations, nongovernmental organizations, research institutes, educational institutions, influencers, and youth.

International Humanitarian Summit will pave the way to have funding that can be used to develop new objectives or improve existing ones. It will also provide an opportunity to make and refine commitments of actions and pledges to face new challenges the world is encountering right now. This will enable the working groups to reach and achieve the goal it was created for.


  • Striving to Reinforce Human Values through showing the ongoing issues and look for a solution
  • To be a catalyst for change & maximize the effectiveness  & Showcase Humanitarian Efforts to help individuals and groups from different parts of the world
  • Creating a Positive Impact on societies with private sector contribution to CSR activities
  • Act as a Dialogue Platform for the Global Humanitarian Community to discuss vital issues and provide innovative solutions to achieve a Peaceful, Healthy, and Livable Society
  • Activating the Role of Societies to defend basic rights of women, children, the elderly, the weak, the disabled, and the oppressed
  • Raise Awareness about Humanitarian values to different categories of Society   

  • To Highlight and Promote the Humanitarian Activities and Initiatives of different countries that support Fostering the Values of Peace, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Tolerance & Coexistence