The Summit marks an important milestone towards establishing global cooperation and unity. This International Platform will provide highly interactive features which head to advocate and stand for humanitarian values like neutrality, impartiality, and independence which we can see that we lack nowadays in many places around the world.

The Summit will shed the light on current issues that needs to be addressed and solved with special focus about ongoing issues around the world including COVID 19 and its shortcomings upon the communities, as well as the persisting issues of Racism, Gender Equality, Poverty, Persecution, Hunger and other issues that need to be raised. As everyone is and should share the responsibility of making this world a better place, this Summit targets to engage many parties in acting, portraying and highlighting how important Humanity is.

The Summit gathers under its umbrella parties like, intellectuals, philosophers, governmental institutions, private sector organizations, human rights and philanthropic institutions, religious institutions, artists, media professional, cultural associations, nongovernmental organizations, research institutes, educational institutions, influencers, and youth.