The Humanitarian Library is platform where humanitarian aid knowledge is shared on a real-time basis, without the need to send it to a Library administrator. As a user-oriented resource, it is designed for both the sharing and research of humanitarian knowledge. 
The Humanitarian Library is the only inter-agency, inter-sector, crowd-sourced and community-moderated platform in the humanitarian space. 
It was launched in late 2013, so its document base is a reflection of user adoption since then. As the Library was built upon their earlier sectoral platform ‘Shelter Library’, supported by DFID, technical content includes publications from 2005. Development of the concept was undertaken by Shelter Centre, a Geneva-based NGO focused on supporting a global humanitarian community of practice who work to address the transitional settlement and reconstruction needs of populations affected by conflicts and natural disasters. Funding for the development of the platform was provided by USAID.  
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