Dr. Kamel Abdallah

Managing Partner

Vita F&B Capital

Dr. Kamel Abdallah is the Managing Director of Vita F&B Capital, an Agri-Food Strategy and Private Equity Advisory Managementfirm.For over twenty years, he has led large regional Agri-Food companiesin the Middle East. He is considered aGCC (Middle East) regional subject matter expert on transformation of regional Agriculture and Food Security programs, and has chaired the 2020 World Food Security Forum for the MENA region, among others.Since 2003, He has served in Board Director/CEOpositions in Agri/Food based companies, including Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of Aujan Industries/Rani Investment (now Aujan-Coca Cola), the largest private beverage player in the Middle East (Rani, Vimto, Barbican), as well the CEO of Exeed Industries, an Abu Dhabi based Industrial/Agricultural family officegroupwith farms and feed mills among others. He also servedas Managing Director of AATCO Food Industries in Oman, the largest GCC manufacturer of wet condiments food in the region. He has led a major regional dairy group, Baladna QPSC, from Greenfield to a successful IPO placementand executedsuccessful private placements for companies in the Business Groups he led. Dr. Kamel remains integrated with academia, where he has served asAsstVice President of the American University of Beirut; andProfessor of Strategy and Finance as well as being a tenured Prof and department chair at accredited business schoolsin the USA. He is a frequent guest speaker at regional Agriculture and Family Offices Investment conferences, including the World Food Security Conferencein Dubai, Abu Dhabi Global Manufacturing Industrial Summit (GIMS) , InBev Global Soft Drinks Congress, the Global Ag Investing, The International Water Summit in Abu Dhabi to name a few aswellasoff-the-recordbriefingsonAfrica,GCC,Iran&IraqeconomicissuesDr. Kamel holds a Ph.Din Strategic Managementwith minors in International Finance and Economics from the Ohio State University. Kamel is a graduate of the Harvard Business School Agri Business seminar management program (2020, 2021). He has been awarded the Honorary title of Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky, as well as numerous awards in the US and the region. Dr.Kamel is a mountaineer who has summited Mount Kalimanjaro, Atlas mountain, Mount Ararat, and the highest peeks in the Levantand the GCC.
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