Lindo Mandela


Mandela Legacy Foundation

Mandela Legacy-Director, Programme Runner
•Family First and Women in Leadership, Job Creation and Impact Sourcing, Access to Education and Youth Empowerment. Creates an environment that aids those we service in establishing principles that drive impact anddetermineserviceimperatives aimed at the communities within their respective commercial interests. Mandela Legacy has been charging the drive to combat the scourge of joblessness in an ever-contracting economic climate. In South Africa alone over 50% of youth remain unemployed, and even with this bleak outlook Mandela Legacy remains committed in opening prospects in the BPO industry as a viable means to absorb our unemployed youths. Our commitment in framing and telling our history is one of the cornerstones of our foundations pillars. Mandela Legacy has a media division that leverages creative means to constructand move messaging. We curate and produce events,podcasts and publishes children’s books, our maiden work, Grandad Mandela was released internationally in 2018, tells the harrowing story of Apartheids brutality on the family structure while instilling principles of human rights, tolerance and pride and self awareness.
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