Sam Stephens

Executive Director

AB InBev Foundation

Sam Stephens is the chief executive of the AB InBev Foundation (ABIF), a leading and innovative global philanthropy that invests in public health, sustainable development, and humanitarian initiatives around the world.  Prior to starting his role at ABIF, he spent 20 years leading international NGOs and philanthropies focused on international development and humanitarian causes, including entities like the International Center for Sustainable Development and the Clean the World Foundation. 

In addition to his work at ABIF, Sam is heavily involved in global leadership groups, including the Global Impact Council, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, Global Commission on International Development, Milken Institute, Concordia, Clinton Global Initiative, and more. 

Sam has served as a Professor of International Business and is a frequent speaker and advisor on international development, humanitarian affairs, and effective philanthropy topics globally.  Based in New York City, his work has taken him to more than 110 countries around the world. 

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