Dr Ashraf Mahate

Chief Economist

Dubai Industries and Exports

Dr. Ashraf Mahate is currently the Chief Economist at Dubai Industries and Exports, which is the industrial development and trade promotion organisation within the Emirate of Dubai and an agency of the Dubai Department of Economic Development part of the Government of Dubai. In his current capacity, Dr. Mahate provides econometric analysis, evidence-based policy design and development, information and advice to key decision makers that promotes a structured as well as detailed understanding of industrial development and trade policy’s role in economic growth, diversification and development of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Mahate is responsible for overseeing thought leadership within Dubai Industries and Exports in the areas of Industrial development, trade policy, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. He is closely involved with policy development and regularly works with officials from federal ministries and international agencies on issues related to industrial development, trade and international trade agreements. Dr Mahate leads the econometric economic evaluation including economic impact analysis, cost-benefit studies and evidence backed micro-level policy and practical research. Dr. Mahate’s professional career has spanned academic, corporate assignments, including teaching at universities in the UK and the UAE. Dr. Mahate embarked on his career as an academic initially with Bayes Business School part of City University of London in 1990. He later moved to Dubai in January 2000 and continued to be an academic commanding senior positions in international universities based in the emirate. With extensive regional experience Dr. Mahate has worked on assignments with the International Trade Center, United Nations agencies as well as the Inter-American Development Bank. Dr. Mahate is an accomplished public speaker and regularly delivers presentations at seminars, conferences, and industry-based functions in the UAE and overseas. As a professional economist with high-level management experience in the region, Dr. Mahate is an advisor to the SME sector, especially in the area of trade. Dr. Mahate is a regular contributor to various regional business magazines and newspapers as well as having written a number of academic journal articles, chapters in books and edited books in the areas of entrepreneurship, trade, finance and innovation. Dr. Mahate received his doctorate from Bayes Business School part of City University of London (UK). He read Economics at University College London which is one of the principal colleges within the University of London followed by a Masters in International Economics and Banking at the University of Wales in Cardiff. Dr. Mahate is a professional educator and received his training at the Institute of Education (University of London). Currently, Dr. Mahate is a member of the Chartered Institute of Managers (UK) and a Member of the Institute of Commercial Management (UK). Additionally, Dr. Mahate is a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).
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